(Suggested) Reading / Viewing

Video: "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein - Full Audiobook

Video: Palestine, BLM and Boycott in the Arts (panel at Artists Space)

Video: Pier Groups: A Conversation with Jonathan Weinberg | Live from the Whitney

Video Playlist: Annual Kessler Lectures at CLAGS, CUNY Grad Center 

Video: Sara Ahmed's "Queer Phenomenology"

Text: "Gay Sincerity is Scary" by Paul McAdory

Text: "Elio's Education" (review of Call Me By Your Name) by D.A. Miller

Video: Brooklyn Rail NSE #424 | Robin F. Williams with Andrew Woolbright

Video: Guadalupe Maravilla, Artist Talk, 10.7.20

Video: The 'Fetish’ Revisited: Marx, Freud, and the Gods Black People Make - J. Lorand Matory

Video: Matthew Barney, William Forsythe, and Maggie Nelson, Moderated by Helen Molesworth (MOCA LA)

Text: Derrida and Rousseau (A Good Explanation of Language as the Supplement)

Video: Candice Breitz Interview: How Mainstream Culture Shapes Us

Video: Brooklyn Rail NSE #388 | Tomashi Jackson with Adriana Farmiga & Lee Ann Norman

Text: "The Identity Artist and the Identity Critic" by Hannah Black

Video: On Inequality Angela Davis and Judith Butler in Conversation 

Video: Joseph Fischel on 'Screw Consent: Horses, Corpses, Kink & Cannibals'

Video: Hugh Steers Artist Talk at Montgomery Glasoe Fine Art (1995)

Podcast: Bad Gays

Video: Keynote - "How Straight is Straight Masculinity?" (Tim Dean, University of Illinois)

Video: Jack Halberstam Wild Things: An Aesthetics of Bewilderment

Video: Lars von Trier - MELANCHOLIA - Ego & Extinction - Film Analysis